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It takes a long time to get this sweet- Why we love rescuing older cats and dogs

Published on November 30, 2015 in Cat Behavior, Dog Behavior

close up dog with pink sweater

  1. Older pups know shoes are for walking, and bones are for chewing.
  2. Mature kitties will usually know proper litter box etiquette. Your senior pup knows inside is for lounging, and outdoors is for the restroom.
  3. Older pets are more experienced with being able to read humans, and they can figure out what you are asking for.
  4. When you adopt a kitten or puppy, their personalities are still growing and evolving. When you rescue an older pet, you know their size, temperament, how much they shed, as well as how cuddly or independent they are.
  5. Senior pets make excellent companions for families and elderly citizens alike.
  6. Most importantly, you will be a hero when you save a life!!!