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Keeping your dog and cat safe from fireworks this Independence Day

Published on July 1, 2015 in Cat Behavior, Dog Behavior


  1. Be sure your pets are wearing up to date tags and collars.
  2. Give your dog plenty of exercise during the day before the fireworks begin.
  3. Keep your cat and dog inside if possible. They may jump a fence if they are frighten and alone in your yard. If you leave your pet home alone, leave music or the television on for ambient noise. Be sure to provide a safe place that your pet can hide. Some pets will appreciate a soft blanket in the bathroom, or a familiar smelling t-shirt in a crate.
  4. Leave your dog something to do. A Kong filled with frozen peanut butter or treats will keep your pup busy.
  5. Be sure to pick up anything in your home you don’t want your dog getting into. She may be more anxious than usual, and prone to shredding or eating household items.
  6. Use Feliway pheromones that are cat-specific. It can reduce feline stress, and impart feelings of calm and well-being. You can use a spray or plug in diffuser.
  7. You can try using a Thundershirt for your dog. It provides gentle, constant pressure that has a calming effect for anxious pups.