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Pup-sicles and cool summer treats for your dog

Published on August 10, 2015 in Dog Health

If you are feeling the effects of summer heat, chances are your dog is too. A cool or frozen treat can be a wonderful snack after a long walk, or a lengthy nap in the sun. Ice cube trays or cupcake liners are great containers for your frozen treats. Paper cupcake liners work best if you let them thaw for a few minutes after they are completely frozen, then peel away the paper. Remember that treats are not a substitute for water on hot days. Here are some tasty options your dog can enjoy in moderation.

  1. Most of us have chicken or beef broth in our pantries. The best options for frozen dog treats are plain, low sodium broths. Fill ice cube tray, freeze and enjoy!
  2. Stuff your dog’s Kong with peanut butter, or another treat he likes, and put it in the freezer. The longer you keep it frozen, the more challenging it will be. As with any frozen treat, it can get messy, so outside is the best place to enjoy.
  3. Frozen banana is also a healthy favorite. You can serve it whole, or puree and freeze.
  4. A cold plain ice cube on a hot day can also be entertaining and fun for your dog.